Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Grand Pooba"

I made this hanging sign for a friend at work. His wife makes the BEST cookies ever! And I’m apart if the cookie club =) TFL

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A simple cup of coffee...

This card is for one of my friends at work. He knows how much I LOVE my coffee so he brings in different flavors for me to try, plus he loves cats and orange. =) TFL

"Dropping by to say hello..."

I made this card for one of close friends who HATES zombies for some reason. lol =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Our story" cover to my moms memory album.

KimaboBima's Gallery: "Our story" cover to my moms memory album.
Here is the cover to my mothers birthday gift. If you want to see the rest please click the link..I also have a Youtube video~ Joakimaify.

Thru Jesus Christ

I have a friend Ive know for over 10 years. And every day on Facebook he post this quote. I just love it! So i made him this frame.

"Young Love"

I made this frame for my oldest niece Portia. She lives in TX and Im in Cali so we dont see eachother much but we always keep in touch thru txt, Facebook and pictures. We she has a boyfriend. Thats all she talks about =) and I remember young love, we all do. So I surprised her with the frame of her and her boyfriend. The white tag on the left comes off the clip so she can write something. And the date is when they first started dating =) thanks for looking

"One Sister"

I made this tag for my one and only big sister. Just something to let her know I miss her and our friendship...and I hope we can move past the past.

Monchichi =)

Ive wanted a Monchichi for years!! Reminds me of my days in Japan with my father. Funny how certain things mean SOOO much more after someone passes away... Well one of my scrappin pals Henva AKA StopNstare gave me one. I love her!!!!..oh and Henva lol =) THANK YOU

Mini paper bag album "My girls"

I made this mini paper bag album for my friend. She has 2 little cutie Pies =)

Frames and Tags =)

I just LOVE making frames and tags of my family and are a FEW more Ive made.

Name plates =)

For awhile I was realy into making name plates for my are a few =)

Hanging signs for my boys and friends children.